Memorialize a Pet

Your pet is very much a cherished loved one, and a member of your family. Losing a pet is understandably difficult, and requires a mourning process; for many pet owners, this mourning process includes a memorial service, cremation, or something similar. Our commitment is to provide comfort throughout any season of bereavement, and that includes bereavement over pets. As such, we have a number of pet-specific services that we can offer.

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Private Cremation

Our staff members can take your pet into the cremation chamber for a discreet cremation process, after which the cremated remains are returned to you for you to preserve in an urn, sprinkle in a favorite outdoor place, or whatever else you feel appropriate.

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Viewing Cremation

Similar to the private cremation process, a viewing cremation allows you and your loved ones to be present in the cremation chamber while the process is carried out.

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Communal Cremation

Most of our pet cremation services are individual, but in this service we cremate your pet with the remains of other pets; the remains cannot be separated and returned to you, and are typically scattered on private land nearby.

Our Commitment to You

Each of these services is provided as a way to support you during a difficult season—the loss of a pet. Everything we do can be personalized to match your wishes for the deceased, and we are always available to talk with you about the different options that are available.

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